Since we shared the copy of the 1973 Aquinas study abroad  program in an earlier blog we were contacted by Jeff Coon.  Jeff  was part of the Aquinas  Ireland Program in Tullycross and  lived in  Cottage 9 in 1987.  He  shared with us the Ireland Program Booklet for 1987 which makes for some very interesting reading.  Jeff  also shared some photos of the Cottage 9 on fire!  As Jeff tells it “on our last day, my cottage mates were burning newspapers in the fireplace and the embers ignited the blaze.  I was in Coyne’s having a game of pool when someone came in and announced cottage 9 is on fire!”   Jeff has such fond memories of his time in Tullycross that he has volunteered to be one of  the Aquinas Ireland Program 50th celebrations committee in 2023 which will take place in Tullycross.  If anyone has any photos or  memories of the last nearly 50 years of Aquinas in Tullycross  that we can share with Jeff and his committee please get in contact.  Many thanks again to Jeff for sharing these memories with us.