Between 1979 and 1986 Connemara West assisted various small privately owned craft workshops to establish units in the Connemara West Centre in Letterfrack.  In December 1980, Serge Renouard began production in a leather workshop.  Other workshops that were cosnidered  or established during this period included John Mongan Fireplaces,  John Mortimer Ironworks,  Diane Conneely Fashions,  Gunnar Schweizer Pewter, Roger Walker Pottery,  Patricia Jacques ceramics,  Barbara Coyne and Margaret Heanue Soft Toys and Helen Hardesty  with  Paisteoiri Teo which was later re-established by Connemara West as Letterfrack Patchwork.  These early workshops generated alot of energy and possibilities in the Centre and while all did not reach commercial success others became successful  businesses and re-located elsewhere in the area.

Images feature John Coyne and Paul Nee working in Gunnar Schweizer Pewter, Roger Walker, Patricia Jacques and Ita Kane and Mary Keane of Paisteoiri Teo  later Letterfrack Patchwork.